Adam Christing - Inspiring Laughter and Life Change
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Adam Christing - Inspiring Laughter and Life Change          

Your Audience will Feel Inspired and Entertained

With his combination of warm-hearted wit + wisdom, Adam has been called a comic-philosopher. Branding expert Michael Levine says, "Adam Christing is like a funny Anthony Robbins.” After earning a degree in Public Speaking from Biola University, Adam produced Comedy Comes Clean 1 & 2 for Random House and Your Life is a Joke for Markin Books. His new book is Bob Dylan Can Change Your Life: 61 Ways to Invent a Legendary Life.

His popular keynote messages include:
You Can Do Magic!
Laugh for a Change
How to Invent a Legendary Life

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  • Adam has been ranked among the top 5 After-Dinner speakers in North America.
  • He earned a degree in public speaking from Biola University and has been named to the university’s "Alumni Hall of Fame."
  • Adam has given more than 4 thousand keynote and comedy presentations in the last 25 years.

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